July 12, 2014

Feel Like A Winner?

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Everyone enters competitions from time to time, but you only ever seem to hear people talking about how they never win. So, do the winners exist? And if so, where are they?

Let’s start by addressing a common misconception, the competitions you commonly see are very likely to be genuine, as they’re likely to be run by companies that have a lot to lose if they get caught breaking the law. Yes, that’s right, if you run a competition, legally the prize must be given away.

So, what are the competitions you’re likely to stumble across?

Think TV, think magazines, think pubs. You can hardly watch a show on ITV these days without seeing a silly question to answer for your chance to win a massive cash prize, car or holiday. There’s magazines like Take A Break that have surfed on the competitions wave for years and the hospitality industry are continually running survey style competitions to find out what you think of them.

These types of competitions will almost certainly generate regular winners, but they’re also the ones with the longest odds. That’s to say your chance of winning are tiny. There are so many people entering that the winner will likely beat odds of thousands to one of being victorious!

If the chances of winning are so small, why bother entering?

Quite simply, the trick is to enter lots of competitions – as many as you can find! There are websites like Money Saving Expert with forums full of people helping each other to maximise the number of competitions they enter. The fact is, carry on long enough and eventually you’ll win something, even if it takes a very long time. Going back to the question, there’s a good reason to enter the really big competitions, and that’s that someone has to win. Yes, it’s unlikely, but if you are the luck one, you might win very big. For example, ITV competitions on daytime shows have been known to give away upwards of a quarter of a million pounds in cash to a single winner. I’m sure you’ll agree, that would make a year or two’s worth of entering well worth the effort!

That’s where our APV System comes in – we are here to help you connect with competitions. Take a look around!