June 20, 2015

Some Winners Deserve Lady Luck’s Attention!

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Every so often, you see a competition prize winner get selected that really fits the criteria that you hope for. All too often you’ll see the ITV cameras have visited the latest Good Morning Britain or This Morning competition winner who’s sitting at home in what looks like a million pound mansion. It’s a strange concept, as I struggle to believe that wealthy people will bother to enter competitions to win a few thousand pounds, or even tens of thousands for that matter. I always assumed the target demographic was likely to be council estates where the prize will make a huge difference to someone’s quality of life.

This week though, it was a little different. John’s story was one that’s more associated with the tear jerker you’ll see on Comic Relief or Children in Need. John’s got a disabled son that he’s clearly devoting his life to, when he’s not at work risking his health removing asbestos from old buildings as part of his job with environmental services. This family from Liverpool are clearly deserving of a break, so for the first time in a long time, I’ve not watched the beaming presenters cut to a trailer featuring the lucky winners talking about taking a holiday in the Caribbean or having the roof done and been left wondering if the money will really make a difference to their lives. Another first is the fact that I’ve not felt quite so much need to be angered by the premium rate entry phone numbers that are prominently displayed with the tiny free entry address underneath to post your postcard to if you think about the cost of multiple entries each month that people are making.

Of course, no matter who wins a prize draw it’s going to have a positive effect, but on this occasion it was a really pleasant change to see the beaming face of a dad and his little boy that have obviously not been dealt the easiest hand up until now, but are still making the best of things!