January 25, 2016

When Competition Winners Really Change Their Lives

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Across the UK, there are thousands of professional ‘compers’, all looking to increase their prize haul by entering as many draws as possible. For the vast majority of contests, there is a single prize up for grabs, which means that every entry reduces your chance of winning. On the other hand, there are some lesser known draws where additional prizes are added each time a specific number of entries is reached, or the prize grows, or is split among a wider number of winners. A good example of this is the lottery, particularly at the lowest prizes where you get a fixed prize at the bottom for everyone matching three numbers (or two numbers if you count the free ticket for a future draw).

Chances of winning are where the most savvy entrants focus, as they can make sure that their overall chance of winning grows to the maximum extent possible across all of the competitions they enter, which we touched on in a previous update. That focus on entering more and more competitions definitely separates the haphazard nature of the amateur from the experts, but by no means guarantees any wins. So why is it that you read about people winning again and again?

You could provide more when starting a family by bending the odds in your favour!

Quite simply the law of averages means that some will be luckier than others – in a sense it’s a meta concept – the chances of chance. For every unluckier than average comper, there will be a luckier than average one too to balance it all out. Some will also argue that the luckier ones appear to be those who are considered to be professional competition entrants too, but that is more than likely an illusion. People who enter competitions very infrequently will win prizes less often, so it also follows that those entering most regularly will win more often, creating that near-mirage effect that others are luckier than they. Let’s put it another way – “you’ve got to have a system” as they say!

So, next time you see a smiling face staring out of a magazine, boasting about how they can now provide for their new baby against all odds, remember that you can bend your luck too – you just need to put the effort in. Chance is a funny thing, you can’t guarantee anything in terms of winning, but you can influence your chances with a little work. Before you know it, it could be you starting a family, or helping your own children do the same thing, with the latest kit in the nursery like the top of the range Samsung video baby monitor or the best buggy money can buy!